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Stropping Paste/Honing Compound

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CAT 139 8
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Stropping Paste/Honing Compound

To be used evenly over leather honing wheel
Tube 88g

 Stropping Paste/Honing Compound

This stropping paste may be used to aid sharpening with the following tools:
CAT 139 8101
CAT 139 8080
CAT 139 01
CAT 139 4500


To prepare the stropping wheel:


  • Evenly apply a light machine oil to the leather wheel. Use enough oil to provide a thorough coating, but not so much as to saturate the leather and resulting in dripping. This will soften the leather and enable the honing compound to penetrate the leather
  • Apply a thin coat of abrasive honing paste to the leather wheel using a wooden spreader or similar device. Distribute the paste evenly by hand turning the wheel while spreading.
  • Connect the machine to power, then turn the machine on and continue to distribute the paste, still using the wooden spreader.
  • Move the spreader lightly in a circular motion across the wheel.
  • Once the paste is evenly distributed, begin sharpening.
  • These preparations will be sufficient for sharpening five to ten tools.  If you notice a drop in sharpening performance or have sharpened more than ten tools, repeat above steps.
  • Do not let the compound dry—apply a few drops of oil if necessary
  • Always hone or sharpen away from the edge  and the wheel spinning away from hand piece.
  • Never cut into the wheel